Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Hello and welcome! My name is Patrick Parr, and I'll be posting here on Thursdays...you know, that day of the week (at least for me) when you're not really sure whether to remain business-like, or leap toward a weekend of absolute excellence...something like that.

I'll info-dump my credentials. This is usually what I send out when I send a story somewhere...give or take a phrase or two.

I have a B.A. in English Literature from Catawba College (Reader: Where the hell is that?), and an M.A. in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University (R: Popular, my ass...has this guy even been published?) Previous work has appeared in Byline, Amazon Shorts (R: eh, whatever), and Every Day Fiction, among others. Currently I live with my wife in Ellensburg, Washington (R: somebody married this guy?) and teach as an ESL Lecturer at Central Washington University (R: Excellent...a wannabe snobby elitist telling me stuff I already know).

As of right now, I've written several novels which would get shelved in the perpetually nebulous category dubbed...Mainstream. Most people, when I tell them mainstream, they just look at me with eyes that say this: So...creampuff literary? Or...what's the matter?...In denial about picking a genre? But it's true. It's my category, and I guess what most of my posts will be about will be (perhaps) clarifying what this means.

Look forward to hearing from you.


  1. I normally write fantasy and sf, but I'm writing a novel now, which, for want of a better word, is ...mainstream. I can't think of any better term. Although I do wonder if anything I ever write would actually appeal to the mainstream, even absent elves and robots.

  2. Now if you combined elves and robots you could call it the science fiction fantasy genre :-D

    Oh, and by the way, Welcome Patrick.

  3. thursdays are my favorite day of the week :) now i'll have an even more delightful reason to look forward to them... welcome!

  4. I look forward to hearing about the mainstream category, as I think my work falls in there, too. :)

  5. How funny that you teach at CWU. I finished my bachelors there in 2006, and met jaekaebee while working at the place she does her tech writing day job while I got my masters here in Germany. How amazing to be connected to someone I never met in Ellensburg via a friendship with someone I met in Düsseldorf.

  6. I have a friend who lives in Ellensburg. He gave me a button that says, I kid you not "It's Not Like Living in Ellensburg!"


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