Saturday, March 28, 2009

Co-Writer Diane Gallant

I’m Diane Gallant, and what I write primarily is short fiction, in that mish-mash genre loosely called speculative. It is characters which interest me: people facing remarkable and unusual difficulties in an interesting world.

Unlike many others, I did not know from a young age that I would write. In fact, I wasn’t bitten by the writing bug until I was in my 30s, employed in a non-writing job, married (to a non-reader) with children, and generally not thought of as a writer by anyone. It came – really it did – out of thin air.

For the first few years, I wrote short stories, some of which were published, some of which were shut away in a three-ring binder, never to see light again, and some of which were violently destroyed by my own hand and the delete button. Also during this time I began writing a really dreadful first novel, which I abandoned after 40,000 words. All of this I regard now as an apprenticeship in the craft of writing.

These early endeavors were interrupted for a while when I was bitten by a different bug, one that I did have some prior experience with. The baby bug is stronger than the writing bug (at least for me it is), but unlike writing, it runs its course and goes away. And so for two years I wrote not a word, and then suddenly one day I was writing again. More and better stories, more publications, and my first complete (though still unrevised) novel draft. I also began blogging during this time.

Adventures-in-Writing begins precisely at a time when some important questions about writing are demanding answers: Am I to be a short story writer, or a novelist? If a novelist, should I revise my draft, or begin a new project entirely? On which projects do I want to spend time and effort? What, ultimately, is my goal?

I’m looking forward to sharing the adventure.


  1. I love how varied we are all in our backgrounds, experiences, goals, hopes, purposes. Maybe we should re-name ourselves Team Dipped in Awesomesauce :)

    Great questions, btw: i'm hoping that our joint endeavor will help feather out explorations of each pathway you can choose. I know I have a great deal to learn from you, for sure.

  2. I've trademarked Dipped in Awesomesauce(TM), yanno.

    I ked I ked.

    Diane, I, of course, am greedy and think you should do both: write shorts and novels!

  3. Those are really good questions that I have asked myself at one point, as well. I was bitten by that baby bug awhile ago. But now I'm back on the writing and blogging track. I'm a novelist at heart. Short stories are a fine art and craft that are sometimes harder than a 100 thousand word novel!

    I wish you luck, and that those of us here in the blogosphere can help each other along. It's nice to get to know you!

  4. Alex: I like that name!
    Anthony: I'd like to do both, really I would, but it's hard for me to work on multiple things at once.
    Lady Glamis: Nice to meet you, as well :)


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