Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Co-Writer Anthony Pacheco

There I was, in 2008, thinking of a tagline for my new blog.
Anthony Pacheco: Likes Cheese
Okay, true enough, but doesn’t have that certain romance to it. What kind of cheese? And if so, do I want to add any wine with it? If I did the title would be too big. Bah! Next!
Anthony Pacheco: Writing Flirt
Meh. The Wife Unit thinks I flirt too much as it is.
Anthony Pacheco: Better Than a Poke in the Eye with a Sharp Stick
Okay, that is good. We’ll save that one.
Anthony Pacheco: Rehabilitated Smurf
Ooooooo! But the political context will be lost on ninety percent of the readers, so it would be annoying rather than cute. I like the subtlety---will need to use that later!
Anthony Pacheco: Armed and Wordy
True enough, but why bother?
Anthony Pacheco: Can Still Sing the Preamble to the Constitution
Now I’m just getting silly.
Anthony Pacheco: Schizophrenic Piano Playing Fingers on a QWERTY Keyboard
Hmm, cute, but that is more about the tools than the production. What did I do, all those years, anyway? Oh, that’s right:
Anthony Pacheco: Hack Writer
Oh my, there are so many definitions for hack---this is pure goodness. Pure goodness, I say! And besides, if I can’t poke fun at myself, who can I poke fun at?


  1. Nice hacking Anthony. I look forward to more of your humor and wit. It's great.

  2. LOL! Hack writer. I LOVE it. Thanks for a great post. Wish I had wit like that. :)

  3. oh you are good. very good. i love the way you make us all smile ;)


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