Sunday, March 29, 2009

Co-writah Jen K Blom

Hello all. 

*coughs to clear throat*

I ah, live in Germany with my husband and my two cats, write Middle Grade fiction and animal NF, and am a really nice person. Honest, I am. I mean, I'm honest. And forthright. And now, I'm going to be coming at you on Fridays from Adventures in Creative Writing. 

It makes me happy. I love you, you love me kind of thing. Happy. 

Anyways, I'm so normal here it's scary. Wanted to be an author since I was five, tried with a picture book when I was in 7th grade (sent it off and everything) but then life kind of got in the way and I got sidetracked. But thankfully Germany made me lonely and (crazy) insecure enough to start to write again, and I got serious about it. Now I've got the perfect agent for me, and we're subbing, and the world is good for approximately 20 minutes of the day before submission angst sets in. 

I have a lot of interesting drivel over on the regular blog but I'll try to keep it to properly writery subjects here on ACW. (That sounds like a Root Beer). 

I'm glad to be here!


  1. Nice to meet you! I love Germany. I visited there for a month when I was in HS and fell in love.

    I wish you luck on subs! That would be really intense. :)

  2. Welcome Jen, great to have you here. Do all of the co-writers here have cats? Is that a requirement to be a writer? Inquiring minds want to know? :-D

    And yes, I have a cat too. She's a gray and white polydactyl cat. She's got extra toes up front, so here name is... wait for it.... Extra :-D

  3. Welcome to the blog! I'm glad you joined us, and I hope to learn more about your writing!
    Oh no, I do not have a cat. I didn't know it was a requirement. We have a dog here, though it's my daughters who take responsibility for her.

  4. Hey Diane, no a cat is not a requirement. I just found it amazing how many of our co-writers had one. But since you have a dog we probably won't be able to all get together with our pets either.

  5. This site looks fantastic, and of course, there are no shortage of writers out there (like me) ready to chat about the craft. I'll be back to check it out soon! : )

  6. Hey all!

    So evidently I did not set up to be notified of comments. JENFAIL. And also, I do not recognize the Reply ALL and not just Reply. Sheesh.

    LG, subs are insane. INSANE. I'm hoping for a happy ending though. :)

    Douglas, I think cats are a prerequisite, yes. I had dogs (Azawakh) for a loooong time, and wrote all that time, but only got the agent when I had the two cats. Coincidence? I think not. But it is nifty Extra has extra toes...the boyz are hairless...and then there are everybody elses' cats. o_O

    Diana, my boy cat would loooove to put your dog into place. :) Come on over! (I mean, he's rude enough that he has his own Twitter feed, with followers, and he's interviewed other writer's cats on my blog before. He's insidious, he is.

    Alexander, thanks for dropping by! This will be a great site, I am sure!


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